Groups and Seminars


Is your community group or church looking for a counsellor to run a group or seminar? The Cottage Counselling Centre has an array of groups and seminars designed and run by qualified and experienced counsellors and facilitators.

Groups and Seminars

The Cottage counsellors run group programs covering a range of issues affecting individual and family wellbeing. Some of them include:

Boundaries:When to say yes and how to say no

Connecting to your Baby; Parenting Babies and Toddlers.
Celebrate Recovery; A weekly structured program for people with addictions, habits or hang ups.
Anger Management; A short course for men and women.
Partner Support; for wives/partners of men with addictions to pornography We can also design and run something tailored to your needs. Here are some topics typically requested…

  • Parenting Your Teenager;      alcohol and drugs, risk taking behaviour, independence and safety
  • Separated Parenting
  • Internet Pornography; A Modern      Epidemic
  • Depression; in men, in      adolescents, in women
  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management

Or give us a ring and ask about what you might need.