Children, Young People and Families

Children and Young People

Just like adults children and young people can need a place which is separate from family, school and friends, a place where they can feel respected, safe and heard. Counsellors supporting children and young people can work together with parents to help support the child through a particular challenge but also balance the importance of confidentiality in their relationship with the client themselves. Young people are often supported to come to counselling by their parents but are also welcome to call us themselves.

Typical issues that can affect children and young people include:

Anxiety Family Breakdown Bullying Depression
Self Harm Drugs and Alcohol Social Skills Eating Disorders
Abuse Sexuality Stress Management Anger



Family counselling happens when the whole family decides to attend counselling together to resolve issues which they have been unable to sort out themselves. The aim is to get the whole family working together to learn how to deal with a problem or fine tune how the family works in partnership. Each member of the family is encouraged to have a voice. Everyone’s perspective is taken into account in working out solutions to problems. There is the opportunity to improve communication patterns and learn how to cooperate to reach common goals.

Common issues that might be discussed in family counselling include:

Conflict Resolution Parenting Relationship Rebuilding
Separated Families Grief Abuse Recovery