What we offer

The Cottage offers a range of counselling services for individuals, relationships, children, young people and families.

We provide marriage preparation and enrichment programs, and also facilitate group programs and seminars on a range of topics.

When you ring…

  • We will ask you to describe your situation briefly, in order to match you with a counsellor with the appropriate expertise
  • We will usually be able to see you for your first appointment within a week or two.
  • We can organise sessions for as long as you need. There are no limits to the number of sessions.
  • Fees are collected by your counsellor after each one hour appointment. We accept cash and cheque. Fees are on a sliding scale. Please refer to the Fees page for details.

Your allocated counsellor will call you to make the first appointment. They will work with you in a way that suits you, providing time to understand your concerns and supporting you to find a way forward.

Some clients come for just a few sessions and others for many. Your counsellor will ask you about your goals for counselling. You can renegotiate these if your situation changes.

Appointment times and frequency of sessions are organised directly with your counsellor.