“Each week I would come to you for counselling I was amazed at what dwelt below the surface. You were a real blessing to me over the months that followed. Life has been very fulfilling – God is good and he has used you in my life to bring about a freedom to choose. …I pray that God continues to bless the ministry of The Cottage as you counsel others and encourage them”

“The Counselling process I have pursued through The Cottage Counselling Service has been an extraordinary journey of self discovery. Initially it was a choice, in hindsight it was a necessity. Though painful, I’m certainly glad I made the choice as life for me was constrained by many fears and unresolved traumas. I have been slowly working through these strongholds and at every post finding my true self, the way God intended”

‘In times of tragedy it is comforting to know there is someone always there to listen’

“The wonderful counsellors at The Cottage Counselling Centre have helped me through several difficult experiences in my life. I have suffered from depression for several years and after undergoing an intensive block of counselling over the course of a few months, I felt like I got my life back! Even though I seem to have relapses every now and then, I know I can always come back for mental ‘touch ups’ in a warm, supportive and caring environment.”