Is Counselling for you?


People seek counselling for many different reasons.

• Anxiety or depression: related to work or family or other relationships
• Stress related issues that blur the mind and prevent healthy decision making
• Issues from the past or concerns for the future • Life changes like marriage, the birth of a child, or the death of a loved one
• Or problems with alcohol, gambling, eating disorders or drugs

Sometimes problems don’t just go away. We hope that our anxiety will settle down, our mood will lift, and that life will become normal again but if it doesn’t we can find ourselves struggling to understand  what’s  happening to us and our relationships. This is the time to call a counsellor.


What happens in Counselling?

• You can tell your story without criticism or judgment
• You will be treated with respect
• You will establish your own goals
• You can be assured of professional confidentiality

Our professional counsellors will provide support, encouragement and guidance. The counsellor works with the client through a process of discovery and recovery so that the client is able to resolve the issues they are faced with and move towards their goals.



Confidentiality is an integral and crucial part of your relationship with your counsellor and will be observed at all times, from your first phone call throughout your counselling.

Any breach of this would require your consent unless it involves a risk to you or someone else. As professional counsellors we are required by law to report any significant risk or harm to a child to Community Services but will wherever possible discuss this with you first.

The only other cause for a breach in confidentiality is if we feel a client is at risk of harming themselves or anyone else. We will almost always discuss this with a client first before making any report.

If  you need a referral to a general practitioner, psychiatrist or mental health team, we will be able to talk that through with you and liaise with whoever else is caring for you so long as we have your consent.



The Cottage welcomes all feedback regarding its service and continually seeks to improve its capacity to meet your needs as counselling clients. Should you have either positive feedback or cause to make a complaint, the Director is available to speak to you on 02 9972 0141.

Alternatively you may wish to put the matter in writing and forward it to The Cottage Counselling Centre, 7 Clarke St Narrabeen, 2101.

Official complaints are dealt with by either the Director or the Chairperson of our Committee of Management and receive a prompt and fair hearing at all times.