About the Cottage

The Cottage Counselling Centre was established in 1996. A team of professional counsellors formed a partnership with St Faith’s Anglican Church to establish a counselling centre in a small cottage on the church grounds in Narrabeen. The goal of the Centre was to promote the mental health and wellbeing of the local community through the provision of counselling, education and training. The Cottage meant that the community could access professional counselling services at affordable rates. We never wanted to turn away anyone on the basis of affordability and we never have.

Counselling offers hope for individuals and support for relationships, giving individuals and their loved ones the skills and capacities to promote their own wellbeing well into their future

In addition to counselling services the Cottage provides group programs and seminars to the public on topics aimed at promoting the metal health and wellbeing of individuals and families. Topics range from mental illness to skills for healthy relationships and dealing with particular life challenges and stages.

We also provide professional development, training and support to other services and organizations to build their capacity to promote mental health and wellbeing in the community. This can be done through seminars and courses or through supervision and debriefing tailored specifically to individual need.

All these services are provided by professional counsellors dedicated to caring for the wellbeing of their clients and the communities in which they live

Since the Cottage started, the demand for  services has grown every year and we are now in six locations on the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney. As this has occurred our need to raise funds to support this growth has arisen. Please follow this link to ‘support’ the Cottage’s work financially.

The Cottage is a charitable incorporated association providing  services on a not-for-profit basis.